September 2014


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Welcome to September's edition of the HFEA e-update.

In this month's e-update find out how you get involved with the upcoming Information for Quality consultation.

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Latest news

Information for Quality

Information for Quality consultation As we draw closer to the launch of our Information for Quality (IfQ) consultation, which will run from 1 October to 12 November 2014, we wanted to remind you of the types of issues we’ll want to hear your views on.

The IfQ programme will improve the way you interact with our website. From patients to parents of donor-conceived people, to clinics and researchers, there will be a visible difference in information provision that aims to meet those individual needs.

One such change is to our Choose a Fertility Clinic search function. We aim to make it easier for users to get the information they want, as well as highlighting other information to help patients make informed choices. For example, we’ll want to hear your views about how we might go about providing information on a patients experience of a clinic. This might be via star-ratings or direct patient feedback – this is still open to discussion and an example of where your input counts.

You can see the full list of proposals and give your views from 1 October. Information will be available on our website, and we ask that you complete an online survey by the 12 November to feed in your views. You can find out more by visiting the IfQ page.


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