May 1999

A summary of the meeting of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority in May 1999

At this meeting the HFEA:

  • continued its discussion on how to improve the HFEA's licensing system;
  • continued its discussion on the contents of its forthcoming Patients' Guide;
  • agreed to try out explanatory joint HFEA/RCGP leaflets on the welfare of the child; and
  • asked for further work to be done on its package of standard patient information.

The Authority received reports on the meeting with sperm storage bank representatives and the Officials Accountability Review meeting. Members were also notified that a meeting would shortly be held with representatives of the BFS/RCOG on preparing guidelines on egg sharing. In addition, Authority's Working Group on New Developments in Reproductive Technology would be meeting in June specifically to consider developments in stem cell research. The Authority was also made aware of the forthcoming Regional Meeting in Cambridge.

The Authority agreed to a proposal made by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the British Fertility Society that their organisations should meet jointly with the HFEA. In the past the HFEA had met separately with both organisations. The first such joint meeting would take place in July.

The Authority began its discussion of the legal principles relating to the import and export of gametes, and the use to be made of PGD.

The Authority also agreed to the publication of the second issue of its newsletter, HFEA Updates, which would be circulated to all clinics.

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