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For donor-conceived people & their parents

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Getting information about your donor can be an emotional process. Think through how this knowledge could affect you and your family.

For more information on the issue of legal parenthood, download our leaflet

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For donor-conceived people

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For parents of donor-conceived

Information for past applicants

Filling an application form

Donors who donated anonymously before April 2005 have the right to remove their anonymity by re-registering to be identifiable.  If you previously applied for information from the HFEA register and your donor was anonymous, you can now check our information for past applicants page to see if they have since re-registered as identifiable.


The way we provide donor information is changing

From 1 October 2012 the HFEA will be changing the way it provides donor information to parents and donor-conceived people.

Find out more about the new process:


Contact us

Contact the HFEAIf you have any questions about applying for donor information, or would like further advice, contact us:

Phone: 020 7291 8200
Email: openingtheregister@hfea.gov.uk