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Committees and papers

  • Appeals Committee

    The Appeals Committee meet to hear requests for reconsideration of Authority decisions about licences to carry out fertility treatment and embryo research.

  • Appointments Committee

    The purpose of the Appointments Committee is to oversee the appointments of external members and advisers contributing to the work of the Committees.

  • Audit and Governance Committee

    The purpose of the Audit and Governance Committee is to oversee corporate governance, risk, audit arrangements and financial matters.

  • The Authority

    The HFEA Authority meets regularly throughout the year to discuss and determine HFEA policy and practice. The meetings are based around draft papers which have been reviewed by HFEA committees.

  • Horizon Scanning Panel

    We have brought together an international panel of experts to advise on horizon scanning issues. Members of the Horizon Scanning Panel communicate over the internet and are regularly sent questionnaires regarding horizon scannning issues.

  • Licence Committee and the Executive Licensing Panel

    The Licence Committee and Executive Licensing Panel are the gatekeepers for all licensed activities in this field. The Committees' decisions about licensing treatments or research projects are made within a legal framework set out by Parliament.

  • Remuneration Committee

    The HFEA's Remuneration Committee meets up to 6 times a year to oversee the management of the HFEA (including business strategy, objectives and development). Reports and recommendations are made from the Committee to the Authority as appropriate.

  • Register Research Panel

    The Register Research Panel has delegated powers to authorise access to Register data, to place conditions upon authorisation, and to suspend or revoke authorisation.

  • Statutory Approvals Committee (SAC)

    The purpose of the Statutory Approvals Committee is to keep under review and to authorise the use of PGD testing for conditions; to issue Special Directions for the import/export of gametes; and to authorise the use of novel processes...

  • Scientific and Clinical Advances Advisory Committee (SCAAC)

    The HFEA's Scientific and Clinical Advances Advisory Committee meets up to four times a year to review scientific and clinical developments affecting activities in which the HFEA has an interest, and provides recommendations about these developments.

  • Archived committees

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HFEA Standing Orders & Publication Policy

The HFEA Standing Orders describe, in detail, the function and responsibility of the HFEA and its Authority members.

For a full and detailed look at how we operate, download our Standing Orders:

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