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Consultations & reviews of policy

Dictionary entry of the word policyHFEA policies are reviewed regularly. Policy reviews involve extensive research, literature reviews, public consultations and open meetings, and often the commissioning of work from specialists in the field.

The information is then summarised and policy options are presented to the Authority. 

Current reviews

Information for Quality (IfQ)
Information for Quality (IfQ) is a programme of work which will transform the way we collect and publish information.  

Past reviews

Read how the HFEA have reviewed its policies over the years. From human reproductive cloning to human-animal hybrids - subjects have covered areas of ethical, scientific and social significance.

Consent and multiple birth workshops
The HFEA will be running some good practice workshops on both consent and multiple births for clinic staff in November 2014.

Our future strategy
The HFEA is changing. We want to re-focus our work around the thing that matters most: that donors, patients and their children get access to high quality care. To reflect this, we are developing a strategy to guide our actions and set our priorities for the next three years.

Mitochondria - public dialogue 2012
The Secretary of State for Health together with the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills have jointly asked the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) to seek public views on emerging IVF techniques designed to prevent mitochondrial disease.

National Donation Strategy Group
The aim of the National Donation Strategy Group is to bring together a wide range of experts to come up with new approaches to raising awareness of donation and improving the care of donors in the UK. 

Multiple births after IVF
The greatest health risk for women following IVF is a multiple pregnancy. The HFEA carried out a detailed review and public consultation to identify the most suitable policy for reducing these rates.

Genetic testing
From sex selection to testing embryos for inheritable disorders - our past reviews on genetic testing have covered some controversial and topical issues.

Embryo research
Read about our past reviews in this comparatively new area of research. Policy reviews have covered issues of cloning and of human/animal hybrid research.

Fees and regulation
The HFEA have undertaken a number of public consultations and reviews around the way it regulates and sets standards for fertility treatment and research clinics.

Risks of treatment (Tomorrow's children - Welfare of the child review)
The HFEA gives guidance to clinics on how to go about making a 'welfare of the child' assessment for those seeking fertility treatment. The HFEA undertook a review to find the best method of passing on such guidance.

Clinical safety
Read our past reviews about our policies on safety procedures and regulations at fertility clinics. Topics have covered safe cryopreservation of gametes and embryos and best practice for witnessing the identification of donated samples.

The HFEA have undertaken a number of policy reviews around matters of donor-assisted conception regulation. They have covered matters from the payment of donors, to donating for research.



Page last updated: 11 May 2016

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