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Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) - get started

If you are having problems getting pregnant, your first call should be to your GP. They will look at your medical history, give you a physical examination and may recommend some tests or lifestyle changes.

Your GP can also refer you to see a specialist at your local hospital or fertility clinic.

What to expect at the fertility clinic

When at the fertility clinic, your full fertility history will be taken and an examination carried out.

It may be that there are simple treatments that can be offered before ICSI needs to be considered.

If ICSI is indicated, your specialist will be able to refer you to an appropriate assisted conception unit. 

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What will happen at the assisted conception unit

Be prepared to answer questions on your medical and social history, to enable the clinic to assess the impact of a potential birth on the baby and on any other children you may have.

Counselling is always available and can be particularly helpful at this time.

Screening tests will be carried out.  A ‘dummy run’ sperm preparation will be done to see how sperm prepare for ICSI. 

The embryologist may recommended you produce a number of sperm samples. These are frozen and stored, in case the sample you produce on the day of egg retrieval has deteriorated further. 

You will also need to sign a number of forms: Consent to fertility treatment, Consent to disclosure of information and Consent to use and storage of embryos.

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Page last updated: 05 April 2009

Clinic inspection reports

Woman looking through a microscopeInspection reports outline and investigate the quality of service that HFEA licensed clinics provide to patients and donors.

Download and read the latest inspection reports.

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Lifestyle & health

Fertility patient doing yogaImprove your chances of conception.

Factors besides your age - such as consumption of alcohol and caffeine, and whether or not you smoke - can affect your chances of becoming pregnant.

Improve your chances - lifestyle & health